Stand Up & Kayak

Get off shore and among the reef without the hassle of boats or crowds. There isn’t a more peaceful setting than paddling out at your favorite time of day. Watch the sunrise or set on the water with the chance to see all of our famous wildlife. If you haven’t tried it, what better place than the Hawaiian Islands!


Sunrise Tour

The adventure begins at first light, with the stars still shining and the glow of the sun rising behind Kohala and Mauna Kea.  Lights on, we paddle over the reef, illuminating all the newly waking sea life toward our sunrise viewing spot.  As the rays of the sun crest over the mountains, we simply sit and witness the beauty of a new day.  Once the sun has risen, we paddle back over the reef along the drop offs, where we check out the arches, caves, and bigger fish cruising in the deeper water. Back on shore, you'll enjoy local organic fresh fruit, freshly baked goodies, coffee, juice, and water to fuel the rest of your day in paradise! 

OFFERED: Daily - 2 hour tour

RATE: $128.00 Per Guest

Morning Tour

The adventure begins soon after the sun rises, when the angle of the sun rays are optimal, lighting up the reef on the glassy morning ocean.  We paddle out close to shore where most of the sea turtles and reef fish feed. At the same time, we keep an eye out for manta and eagle rays as well as pods of spinner dolphins.   We will spend time floating over the turtle cleaning stations, locations on the reef where reef fish feed off the shells of the venerable honu.  We paddle back along the reef drop offs, where we see the arches, caves, and the bigger fish in the deeper water.  Back on shore, you'll enjoy local organic fresh fruit, juice  and water to replenish your body to enjoy the rest of your day in paradise.

OFFERED: Daily - 1.5 hour tour

RATE: $118.00 Per Guest

Sunset Paddle

This adventure begins just as the sun dips for the horizon.  We'll paddle out over the shallows of the reef, catching up with the honu, Hawaii's Green Sea Turtle, and the reef fish, gradually making our way to our sunset viewing spot to relax and admire the changing colors as the sun sets.  This is when the magic happens!  With lights on, 4500 lumens illuminate the reef drop offs and arches.  As we paddle back, we'll be keeping our eyes open for the manta rays who will be searching for their plankton dinner.  The reef at night is a whole new world, as we light up all the life that thrives in the dark.  This is an experience you'll never forget!  Once back on the beach with the colors of twilight setting in, you will be treated to locally prepared pupus, or appetizerssoft drinks, juice and water. You are more than welcome to bring your own adult beverages for after your tour.  The Puako Store is conveniently located near by and has all your libations of choice!   

OFFERED: Daily - 2 hour tour

RATE: $148.00 Per Guest

Humpback Watch Paddle

The adventure begins when the annual migration of the North Pacific Humpback return to the warm waters of the Kohala Coast to give birth to their babies and mate.  The tour is seasonal, starting mid December, lasting through April.  We paddle out, looking for the humpbacks as they cruise along the coast.  However given their extreme range and ability to hold their breath for up to an hour, we do not guarantee encounters with these majestic creatures.  As with all encounters with wild animals, the extensive experience of our guides helps, but a little bit of luck is also involved.  Typically, we paddle along the drop offs as we paddle out with our eyes on the horizon for tell-tale spouts or even better, the humpback breach.  As we paddle, our guides will be sharing their wealth of knowledge and answer any questions you may have.  Once they are spotted, our guides will attempt to position the group to get the closest encounter possible while adhering to the rules and regulations protecting these amazing animals.   Given the Humpbacks incredible intelligence and curious nature, the possibility of them approaching us always exists.  Back on shore, you'll enjoy local organic fresh fruit, juice and water to replenish your body to enjoy the rest of your day in paradise.

OFFERED: Daily - 1.5 hour tour

RATE: $118.00 Per Guest


SUP & Kayak Rentals

If you’re looking to create your own adventure on the water, we can organize SUP and Kayak rentals to be delivered right to your door. They come with all the gear needed to strap them to the the car and off you go. Have them with you when you visit all your favorite beaches.

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