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Hiking in the Hawaiian Islands offers a diverse scenic experience!  Known throughout the world for a wide variety of ecosystems, trails in Hawaii can take you to coastal dunes, shrub lands, rainforests, high alpine deserts and of course, Volcanic terrain.  The Big Island offers hiking for all of us – let us know what you have your sites on!

Endangered Native Habitats

Come along as we explore two rare habitats, the cloudmist kipuka rainforest on Mauna Loa and the sub-alpine dry forest of Pu‘u Lā‘au on Mauna Kea. Here are two places that represent Hawai‘i before human contact; places where plants and birds found nowhere else on earth reveal the evolutionary epic of the islands. Target species include: Nēnē, Palila, ‘Akiapōlā‘au, ‘Amakihi, ‘Apapane, Hawai‘i Creeper, ‘I‘iwi, ‘Elepaio, ‘Ōma‘o, ‘Io and Pueo.  11-12 hours roundtrip from Hawaii Forest & Trail Headquarters and Waikoloa Resorts. Breakfast & Lunch served. Available weekdays only. Moderate. Ages 8+

Adult: $205 + tax


Hakalau Forest Reserve Exclusive

Hakalau means “many perches.” Named by Hawaiians long ago, it is still recognized as critical bird habitat today. Once part of a large cattle ranch, it was the first National Wildlife Refuge in the country established for forest birds and it is home to some of the rarest plants and animals on earth. The Pua ‘Akala tract we access is not open to the public and is an excellent example of successful conservation practices. Target species include: ‘Ākepa, ‘Akiapōlā‘au, ‘Amakihi, ‘Apapane, Hawai‘i Creeper, ‘I‘iwi, ‘Elepaio, ‘Ōma‘o, ‘Io and Pueo.

11 hours roundtrip from Hawaii Forest & Trail Headquarters. Easy to Moderate. Breakfast & Lunch served. Ages 8 +

Adult: $235 + tax




There are many more hiking options- it just depends what you would like to see! Whether it be waterfalls, the volcano, or simply some beautiful scenery, we have somewhere we can send you! Just call and let us know what you are interested in. 


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